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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the academic competitiveness and upward mobility of the underprivileged students in Hong Kong by providing them with free access to quality self learning content anytime anywhere.

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Level the Playing Fields

Underprivileged students have no lack of self initiatives or drives.

They are unfortunately lack of resources.

They are therefore starting in a disadvantageous position in competing academically with their more affluent peers, who could afford costly tutorials and thereby continue to have an edge academically and career-wise.

Achievas Academy aims to level the playing fields for the underprivileged by contributing to the learning resources they badly need.

Self Learning is Fulfilling

We believe in self learning.

Self learning is active learning. It is more fulfilling and rewarding.

The tutoring culture is stressful and depressive to both the students and their parents.

It incurs huge social costs.

Achievas Academy is a social project and a small step towards educating the public of self learning and alienating the tutoring culture.

Together we bring hope and make the society a better place to learn.