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Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is Achievas Academy (“AA”)?
AA is a self-sustaining social project to provide free self-learning resources to under-privileged students in Hong Kong. In other words, AA does not rely on subsidies from government or authorities to sustain its services. Instead it relies on donations and subscription fees paid by students who see value in our services and support our cause. Therefore, your donations and/or paid subscription are also your generous support to those students in need.

Who are eligible for the FREE subscriptions?
Any students who are currently supported by the HKSAR Government’s Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme shall be eligible. Other students from low-income families shall also be eligible. All you need to do is contacting your social worker or social organisation to request AA for AA Social Security Coupon on your behalf.

What is “AA Social Security Coupon”?
AA Social Security Coupon is an electronic coupon in the form of a string of alphanumeric characters issued by AA. By inputting the coupon code at the check-out page, subscription fee would be fully waived, and the holder will enjoy FREE and UNLIMITED access to AA contents.
Please approach your social worker/organization and provide them with the email address you used or would use to register yourself at AA. They will then request AA Social Security Coupon on your behalf by emailing

How long is the free subscription period of a AA Social Security Coupon?
Each AA Social Security Coupon shall entitle the holder free subscription for 1 year from date of subscription. Upon expiration, student has to obtain a new AA Social Security Coupon from his/her social worker to continue the free and unlimited access for another year. Each eligible student will enjoy a maximum of 3 years of free subscription or until graduation, whichever is earlier.

May I change my 1-year subscription to 3-year?
YES! You could upgrade from 1-year paid subscription to 3-year paid subscription at any time by writing us a note at Contact Us page.

What payment methods does AA support?
AA supports payment by Octopus and major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

What is the difference between an Order and a Subscription?
After selecting a particular Course Subscription, an Order will be created and related with this Subscription. After the Order is fully paid at checkout page, the Subscription will be active. If payment is not completed, the Order and the Subscription will be pending. Please note that the value of an Order could be different from the value of the related Subscription ($360) if you apply a discount coupon code at checkout page. 

Will I get a free trial after registration?
Yes. Registered users will be provided free access to selected content of AA for 10 days. Thereafter, users may subscribe a course to have unlimited access to the course contents. 

When will Physics and Biology content be available for subscription?
Physics and Biology content are being prepared by our professional educators and will be released as soon as the content are ready. 

Can I log into multiple devices concurrently?
Unfortunately NO! At any given time, only one device can be logged into AA. If you are logged out of your account, please check to make sure that you do not have an active session on another device.

What devices are supported?
AA is optimized for PC, Tablets and Smartphones to maintain consistent user experiences across different device types. However, due to the layout of the Learning Map page, it is best viewed in PC desktop or tablet’s landscape mode.

Do I need to be a member to donate to AA?
No! You don’t need to be a member to donate. Anyone could donate to AA through AA web site at anytime via online payment methods.

How would my donation help the students in need?
We continue to enhance our web application and content, your donations are very important in helping us sustaining our operation and quality of content of AA portal so that more students in need could be benefited and more subjects content could be provided free of charge.

How do I add or edit entries to My Schedules?
To add a new entry, click on any row in the schedule and then click ‘New Entry’.
To edit an existing entry, click on the entry concerned  and then click ‘EDIT’.

How do I edit entries of the “Taught”, Tutored” and “Confidence” columns?
To edit an entry, click on the row concerned, click ‘Edit’ and then  select the values manually.
You may also double click at a cell in those columns and select a value.